Monday, August 27, 2012

Welcome to "I'm au Quai, You're au Quai"!

"I'm au Quai, You're au Quai" is a photo/art/writing blog that I have created to share documents of those moments of contemplation, introspection, inspiration and (heaven forbid) creativity that  regularly arise along the banks of the Seine in Paris, France. I often spend my afternoons drawing, taking pictures, or writing on the quai somewhere, and I know that many of my artist and writer friends in this city can say the same. To begin, I will post my own stuff: images, notes, musings, etc that I have harvested and compiled from my many quai-side sessions. But my hope is that my friends and colleauges, and eventually new friends and colleagues, will submit their own work to me for inclusion in this blog. Feel free to send any visual or verbal art, as long as it either was created on the quai in Paris or features the quai as its subject matter. And for now, while I wait for those submissions to start pouring in, I will update every few days with some more stuff of my own.

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