Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day on the Seine!

Happy Valentine's Day
I'm au Quai, You're au Quai!
If you're lucky enough to wake up with your lover in the City of Lights on Valentine's Day, there's no shortage of ways the two of you could celebrate. But for sheer romance, it's always been hard to top a hand-holding stroll along the banks of the Seine.
This couple is taking advantage of a quiet moment alone on the river:

  And in the evening, maybe a twilight dinner cruise passing under la Tour Eiffel?

If you aren't in Paris this February, the Seine sends her loving regards. But if you are, then have a look at the river today, smile, sigh, take a two-second break from the fashionable Parisian cynicism, and give in to the joy of living in the world capital of romance. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Photos by Leslie McAllister:

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