Friday, May 10, 2013

When waters rise...

My fascination with the power of rising rivers began on a family trip when I was a kid. My parents took me camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our campsite was right on the banks of the Ammonoosuc River. When we arrived to set up camp, it had been raining and my father told me that the snow was also melting, causing run-off from up in the mountains. When we got there, we were merely alongside a small stream, in the middle of which I remember noticing a large rock. But that rock, which at first had seemed so large, would quickly disappear from view as the small stream grew into a ferocious river in just a few hours. That night I lay in my tent, wondering if tents could float, and had dreams of waking up seaborne, floating off to faraway lands. Now, as an adult, when I see the banks of the Seine disappearing under waves of brown, it awakens that child within me and starts me playfully dreaming. I can close my eyes and see myself floating down the Seine in a tent, en route for some mysterious distant adventure.
Here, I've gathered a handful of photos I shot during the Seine's recent high-water season. I hope that they set you to dreaming as well!



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